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Here at Pilot Productions, we are proud to be a part of the Entertainment and Arts Industry in Aotearoa, providing Production Services and applying our experience to Events, Shows and Installations. Producing a project as efficiently and safely as possible is at the core of what we do and we have a valuable team of Contractors and Suppliers to collaborate with to achieve the results desired by our clients. We are passionate about the Arts and work hard to produce projects of any size and offer a wealth of knowledge that we can apply with you on any project.


Together we can create something everyone can enjoy and be proud of.

NanoGirl Live!
NanoGirl Live!
NanoGirl Live!
NanoGirl Live!
NanoGirl Live!
NanoGirl Live!
NanoGirl Live!
NanoGirl Live!
NanoGirl Live!
NanoGirl Live!
NanoGirl Live!

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Pilot excels in all forms of Management and has experienced Production, Technical, Stage, Site, and Tour Managers. Our team has completed projects ranging from International & National Theatrical Tours, Bespoke Corporate Events, and Outdoor Art Installations.


Further Services

Pilot is able to offer a range of services independently or in support of any Management Contracts. Our trusted range of suppliers and collaborators work with us to support the wide range of services we provide, including but not limited to:


Site Management



Health & Safety


Production Management

Venue Maintenance



Transport & Logistics


Power & Distribution

Set Construction

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Auckland Grammar School 150th Anniversary Celebrations 2019
Auckland Grammar School 150th Anniversary Celebrations 2019
Auckland Grammar School 150th Anniversary Celebrations 2019
Auckland Grammar School 150th Anniversary Celebrations 2019
Auckland Grammar School 150th Anniversary Celebrations 2019
Auckland Grammar School 150th Anniversary Celebrations 2019
Auckland Grammar School 150th Anniversary Celebrations 2019

Our Story

Jamie, Oliver and Khalid all started from the ground up and have spent their professional careers across multiple different facets of the Entertainment Technology Industry. After the growing success of Burning Black Productions, it was joined by Parkar Productions to support a larger range of projects. With Hawkeye Productions based in Wellington, a collaboration by these three best friends was inevitable.


By bringing together their complementary skill sets and with over ten years of experience behind them, this led to the beginning of an exciting venture which will see a new wave of growth, development and delivery for the Arts Industry.

Oliver Hawke

Oliver takes responsibility for all our Wellington-based projects. Oliver has been working in the entertainment industry across multiple technical roles, in theatrical flying, rigging, automation, stage mechanics, lighting and a range of head of department roles. Companies he has been involved with include the Royal New Zealand Ballet, NZ Opera, Australian Opera and NanoGirl Live. Oliver discovered his passion for this industry as early as high school and was drawn to the excitement, fun and creativity of working with other passionate people. Oliver still holds the same passion for the industry and enjoys collaborating with others to help bring a project to life.


Oliver’s extensive experience in rigging, automation and lighting allows Pilot to offer these specialty services.

Jamie Blackburn

Based in Auckland, Jamie has worked throughout New Zealand as well as annually working on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Jamie has experience across many departments within the entertainment industry, he has taken on many roles including Stage, Site, Technical and Production Management for companies such as  Auckland Arts Festival, NZ Opera, and Auckland Theatre Company as well as Assembly Festival in Edinburgh. Jamie values the opportunity to work across many different projects with a variety of talented and passionate people.


Jamie’s passion to work as a team, his creative problem solving and management skills make him an invaluable asset to all Pilot projects.

Khalid Parkar

Khalid has been involved in projects nationally and internationally and has technical experience in theatre, events, and festivals. Khalid has taken on many roles, including, Technical Operator, Designer, and Production Manager with companies such as Auckland Theatre Company, NanoGirl Live, and Auckland Arts Festival. Khalid has a desire to collaborate with others and enjoys the problem solving that is required in the process of any project. Khalid’s passion for the industry started young and the same passion still drives him in his work today. He is also based in Auckland.


Khalid’s specialised experience in lighting, audio, and video operation and design makes his skills widely applicable to projects produced by Pilot.

Meet The Co-Founders

1000 Doors Auckland 2019
1000 Doors Auckland 2019
1000 Doors Auckland 2019
1000 Doors Auckland 2019 Credited
1000 Doors Auckland 2019



Co-Pilot is an Industry Initiative tailored to support Freelancers to engage with projects that require the resource or the support of a Production Organization. The Arts and Events Industry relies heavily on Freelancers as its backbone to provide specialist skillsets and quality crew.

This Program’s goal is to upskill Freelancers, offer support and to provide security to the Freelancer and their clients.

This program is able to offer our Insurance Coverage, H&S Policies, Core-Infrastructure, and Production Support to Freelancers who wish to join this Program.

We believe it is imperative to support and maintain Freelancers and Contract-Based workers in the Technical Entertainment Sector and it must be a joint effort on Producers, Production Companies and Venues to ensure these individuals can thrive.

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Being part of the entertainment industry in Aotearoa brings an amazing array of opportunities to be involved with many different projects and a range of groups.  We understand that the growth, development and experimentation of all art forms at the grassroots level are imperative to the survival of the arts and its makers and consumers.


While Pilot Productions is a business built to manage large scale projects with extended resources, we are still committed to fully supporting Community, Not-For-Profit and Developing-Works with limited budgets.


Through Pilot-Lite we are still able to offer our high level of service and delivery at a budget that these groups can access. This is assessed on a case by case basis and allows us to give back to an industry and community that has given us so much.

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Standard practice in the entertainment industry utilizes many products and practices that are harmful to our environment, such as diesel generators, construction waste, and consumables used in large quantities, including PVC tapes and cable ties. As a company, Pilot is passionate about reducing the environmental impact of all our projects and helping others in our industry to do the same. In practical terms, we aim to replace environmentally harmful practices and products where possible and where we cannot, we express our interest in alternative solutions to our suppliers.

Te whānau at Pilot Productions are proud to be members of Entertainment Technology New Zealand and are huge supporters of the Entertainment sector in Aotearoa.  Jamie also volunteers as an Executive Committee Member with ETNZ.  We encourage any and all individuals, groups or businesses contributing to the Entertainment Technology industry, no matter how big or small, to get involved.  Find out more about the great work ETNZ is doing here.

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